Many social media experts ponder how you can turn that simple click on the like button into an actual business relationship with potential customers. Some marketing gurus overestimate the like factor by assigning a dollar amount to each and every like a company gains. While it is beneficial to gain that first interest, how can a company or entrepreneur convert that interest into an actual sale? Furthermore, how can they turn that potential first sale into a relationship with a lifetime customer? By implementing effective strategies, you can create a funnel that increases your sales and adds value to your venture.


 The Fan

A successful campaign to gain customers begins with turning those likes into fans by promoting valuable content that makes your immediate audience feel like they are privy to exclusive information on your homepage. You want that original enticement to be rewarding and genuine for your audience. In that way, a seemingly small action such as becoming a fan takes on meaning for that potential customer. Every venture’s original offer or experience is different. Make your own or your company’s strengths and image unique through creative visuals, public events, and Facebook-driven virtual events.

The Incredible World Of Custom Tabs

Every great plan is based on that initial spark and achieves success by enacting steps toward a desired outcome. Once you have that fan, you can really begin to shape a more lasting relationship. Custom tabs in Facebook and email subscriptions are two amazing tools to invite that fan to join your journey. Facebook’s opportunity to use custom tabs really separates it from other social sites. You can build those custom pages and embed them into your fan pages.

Piquing curiosity in fans and driving them to your custom tabs allows them to further explore your story and leads to even more engagement. Timeline really helps propel this function by giving tabs a prominent display on your homepage and giving fans a sense of how your company continues to evolve and gain momentum.

Email Subscribers And Valued Content

A successful email marketing campaign is a must. However, don’t get into a habit of simply collecting emails. It might be an outlet for an audience, but that audience will quickly disappear unless you give them valued content. That is when you really begin to build the relationship. What’s going to keep that subscriber intent on checking out the rewarding information you offer? Take time to create content that not only hooks the subscriber, but also encourages the viewer to refer friends and family to your product or service.

AWeber is a great tool that can be used to create prewritten email sequences that can help to create lasting relationships with your readers and, simultaneously, guide them toward becoming customers. Of course, any tool needs to have a proper direction and human element. Your success will be dictated by your ability to know your market, understand your audience’s needs, and deliver accessible content.

Tracking Your Success

Of course, when you do convert that fan into a customer, you want to have a reliable means to track your success and hone your strategies. Many tracking tools have issues tracking through Facebook due to its unique coding system. A new tool, Facebook conversions, will be available soon, and it has eliminated some of the challenges posed by that coding. I have used it successfully, and it has become essential to my business and growth.

If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself solution that might not be completely accurate, you can track your numbers by hand. Most burgeoning entrepreneurs start with this method before utilizing more reliable means. Services like Linktrackr are available, as well. The key is to track your clicks and to know what clicks are important to you. It’s easy to get caught up in counting retweets, likes, and comments. While these are all certainly good signs that people are connecting in some way to you, a click is actual traffic.

Once you have a successful funnel set up, it does become much easier to track your conversions. If need be, you could assign a dollar amount to an email subscriber, rather than a like, or even a fan. The email subscribers you gain are a much more accurate representation of how quickly you are growing. We can predict that with “x” amount of emails, filtered through a strategic follow-up sequence, we can produce “x” amount of customers. Focus on revenue per email subscriber. From there, tweak your funnels to ensure that you’re delivering a high degree of value, training, and insight to your audience.

Creating an effective funnel system from that original like to a converted sale requires effective use of Facebook’s custom tabs, a valuable email sequence, and a high-quality product. Tracking your conversions can be tricky, but with the correct focus and new tools such as Facebook conversions on the horizon, it will become easier and more accurate. Above all, remember that Facebook is fun and always evolving. With the social nature of Facebook, not only will be you see profits, but you’ll also be rewarded with great stories and experiences from your audience and peers.


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