Jeans connect to social networks

Jeans connect to social networks

Festival organisers have already utilized RFID-enabled wristbands to make it easier for music lovers to update their online profiles on-the-go. Bringing this concept into everyday life, Italian jeans brand Replay has created its Social Denim range, which incorporates a device to enable wearers to instantly share their emotions or location.

The jeans contain a fifth pocket made of vinyl, designed to hold a small Bluetooth transmitter, which can be coupled with the customer’s smartphone. They can then use the handy device to click one of eight mood buttons, ranging from positive to negative, or where they are at that moment. The device also sends notifications to the phone when it detects a nearby Replay Moment, where the customer can receive discounts or get a chance to connect with the brand. Due to be launched in December, the jeans will be available in regular-slim or skinny fit for men and skinny or baby boot fit for women at a price of between EUR 150 to EUR 199.

Although the Social Denim range merely makes interacting with social networks slightly easier, it could be an indication of the digital direction clothes are headed towards. Are there other ways clothing could play a more integrated part in our hyper-connected society?

Source: SpringWise

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