In the wake of’s aborted and just plain stupid attempt to trademark “Social Enterprise,” I decided to take a fresh look at how other social buzzwords have been doing.

As you can see in the chart below, Google searches on “social business” have been steadily increasing since about 2009, while “enterprise 2.0″ has headed in the opposite direction. Searches on “social crm” peaked in 2011 and appear to be trending slightly down in 2012.

I think Enterprise 2.0′s time is about up. With pushing “social” rather than “collaboration” or “Enterprise 2.0″ the market should get more and more comfortable with “social business” as the industry term for using social computing/media for business, with customers and/or employees.

No word yet on what term the Benioff Bunch will select, now that “social enterprise” will be left to the, um, real social enterprises.

As for “crm,” its search volume is declining but still massively larger than any of the other terms. If you include “crm” with the other 3 terms above, they don’t even register.

Increasingly, when people talk or write about “Social CRM” they mean connecting a social monitoring application with a traditional CRM system. That’s what I predicted would happen 3 years ago, when there was much talk about how Social CRM should mean more collaborative, win-win relationships.

That’s like pushing a rope uphill. When you attach a qualifier to CRM, and the market thinks CRM = technology, the new term will also mean technology. Oh, in case you were wondering, about 80% of searches on CRM still generate hits on software companies and related service providers.

But I think it’s also fair to say that in the right hands, a Social CRM system can support a company’s strategy to be more collaborative, including listening and engaging via social media.

Now that “social business” has won the buzzword war, let’s all turn out attention to Big Data. Should be good for another 2-3 years of debate, at least! First question: Is Big Data a strategy?

Source: CustomerThink

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