More than three quarters of US travelers share travel experiences via social networks with the main purpose being to update their family and friends on their whereabouts, a recent survey shows.

A survey published last week by travel site TripAdvisor reveals that 76 percent of the more than 1,700 US travelers surveyed share travel experiences via social networks. The survey also reveals that 42 percent use social channels for travel planning while 40 percent do so for travel inspiration.

The most popular shares by travelers include photos, as 91 percent of respondents say they share images of their vacations. Posting status comes in second place with 57 percent, followed by using the “check-in” function with 34 percent.

Among the “check-in” uses, arriving at the hotel comes in first place at 27 percent, followed by arriving at a landmark at 25 percent, and arriving at a restaurant at 19 percent.

Although social networks are becoming increasingly popular across numerous demographics, a scrapbook or photo album remains the most popular choice for documenting extended trips, with 49 percent of those surveyed using this means of communicating.

The main reason to share travel experiences is to update friends and family on their whereabouts, according to 36 percent of those surveyed. 27 percent share all their photos and news for fun.

The results, published by TripAdvisor, coincide with a recent survey published by Facebook in August. Facebook statistics show that travel stories are the most shared by its users online. Around 42 percent of the more than 950 million Facebook users add stories about their travels to their timeline, making traveling the most shared event of their lives.

Source: Yahoo.News

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