If you’re constantly updating your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Path, LinkedIn, Instagram and Foursquare accounts, you’re definitely a social media addict. Every moment has to be captured and shared, whether it’s in a status update, photo or video. In fact, there’s no such thing as “oversharing” in your dictionary.

These addicts can be using just about any smartphone–as long as it has a 3G connection and supports apps from their favorite social-networking sites.

Essential smartphone accessories for social-networking addicts help them to gain eyeballs for their posts, as well as garner more likes and followers. However, we won’t be held responsible if someone tries to get you to go to social rehab for your addiction.

Essential accessories

Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote

Thumbs up for hands-free self portraits.
(Credit: Photojojo)

The Bluetooth-enabled Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote allows you to snap pictures and record videos with two dedicated shutter buttons. There’s a self-timer mode–5 or 10 seconds–which makes it ideal for group shots and narcissistic self-portraits.

There’s even an included stand to prop up your iPhone. Unfortunately, it only works with Belkin’s LiveAction app (free download from the Apple App Store), and does not support other OSes.

Compatible with: Apple iPhones
Price: S$79 (US$63.47)

GSI Mini Bluetooth keyboard

Fits in your pocket as it’s smartphone-sized.

We reckon that a mini Bluetooth keyboard is an essential accessory because it sure beats pecking away at an onscreen keyboard. Not only can you compose status updates faster, but also type long blog entries and emails comfortably.

This GSI mini Bluetooth keyboard from Amazon is compatible with just about any smartphone, but there are other versions in the market that fit specific phone models. We like ThinkGeek’s slideout keyboard case for the iPhone, too.

Compatible with: Any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone
Price: US$10.31

Celluon Magic Cube virtual laser keyboard

Go “pew pew pew” on the virtual laser keyboard.
(Credit: ThinkGeek)

If you thought the previous suggestion was too run-of-the-mill, then how about the Celluon Magic Cube virtual laser keyboard?

The Cube projects a full-sized laser keyboard on a flat surface and connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth.

Sure, it’s pricey, but it will immediately boost your cool factor, especially after you post a picture or video of yourself using it on Facebook and Twitter.

Compatible with: Any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone
Price: US$179.99 from ThinkGeek

Nomad Mini stylus

Warning: Do not use with actual paint.
(Credit: Nomad Brush)

If you’re still playing Draw Something, you can really whip up a masterpiece with more control by using a stylus.

The Nomad Mini is shaped like a paintbrush, with a walnut and carbon handle that’s claimed to be comfortable to hold.

Besides Draw Something, you can probably use it to doodle on your phone and create photo collages for sharing.

Compatible with: Any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone
Price: S$109 (US$87.58)

MiLi Photo Printer

The Mili photo printer enables you to share photos in real life, too.
(Credit: KJC Technologies)

Why post so many self-shots on Instagram and Facebook if you don’t get to keep them in real life? MiLi’s mobile photo printer comes with an integrated charging dock, so that you can charge your iOS devices as well.

It also works with Android devices. Do note that you will need to download the Mili Photo app from theGoogle Play store or Apple App Store to use the printer.

For the hardcore Instagrammers, the Impossible Instant Lab Kickstarter project is hard not to like. From the same folks behind The Impossible Project, the Impossible Instant Lab prints out iPhone pictures on standard Polaroid film–your hipster friends will be impressed.

Compatible with: Apple iPhones, Android smartphones
Price: US$189.95

Source: CNet

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