We have certainly seen the battle between file sharing and security emerge in the enterprise. Employees crave portability and as we grow increasingly mobile, it’s not just nice to have, but it’s essential to have access to files wherever we are across devices and platforms. While IT may find it difficult to give up the control it has had in the past, unless they lock down the enterprise, employees will find a way around their rules.

This inforgraphic from Igloo looks at the history of file sharing in an amusing way, while delivering a serious message that companies have to provide file access. It’s not a coincidence that just about every content management company out there is adding file syncing and sharing. It’s what Aaron Levie from Box called, “table stakes for enterprises in the post-PC era.” It’s one of the reasons EMC bought Syncplicity last spring.

As this infographic shows, security issues are real, but the answer may be to find an enterprise-class file sharing system instead of locking down the fort.

Source: Fierce Content Management

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