Enterprise 2.0 – What’s to decide?

Enterprise 2.0 – What’s to decide?

Why is Enterprise 2.0 a benefit to have within your company/organization? And what are the risks involved with introducing an Enterprise 2.0 platform for managing social media? That is exactly what I will be covering in my post today beginning with the fact that “Implementing Enterprise 2.0 is about change.” – As said by Ross DawsonImplementing Enterprise 2.0, which is exactly what all organizations/companies should embrace in this new technologically advanced society because your business evolves along with its processes and perhaps the structure of the organization itself and Enterprise 2.0 can be that very upgrade to pull your business out of the old and in to the new.

Because there are many benefits to such an upgrade such as:

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency- Improved team performance, More efficient project management
  • Enhanced Staff Engagement – Increased engagement, Enhanced collaborative behaviors
  • Sharing of Knowledge through easier access to expertise and organizational capabilities
  • Reputation – Activeness as an employer, Increased visibility in market place
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Although with all new changes pose some form of risks and concerns which range from Security issues such as information loss, Loss of control of information flow, a possible negative reputation from staff behavior, Information being unreliable or possibly reduced staff productivity and increased expenditure on resources. But at the same time there can be risks of NOT implementing Enterprise 2.0 for example staff members using unauthorized web tools, Fragmentation of Information or reduced competitiveness.

A common problem within customer service departments are trying to communicate with all customers concerns and issues on a quick and timely basis. A company who has solved just that problem with the use of successfully implementing Enterprise systems in to their business is a company called TI (Texas Instruments). TI builtEngineers to Engineers “E2E” which is an externality-facing community where TI’s staff members can freely interact with their engineering customers and all users interested in their equipment. They have built the platform on technology from Telligent which is a company that makes Enterprise 2.0 applications and this allows the customers ask for help from TI’s staff which can be viewed publicly for all users to see and comment on.

TI has benefited from this along with their customer base because it allows them to publicly share their knowledge as well as making information easier to access instead of having customers sitting on hold with a call center.

All companies should take the time to wavier the benefits and risks in every change to their daily business, when implementing Enterprise 2.0 this requires examining, understanding and addressing all benefits and key risks because for some companies the change may be advantageous to some it may still pose threats to your company.

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