Here are 3 ways to use your social intranet in the event of a workplace emergency:

Use message walls to send instant updates about the situation at hand

Hospitals can post waiting room and injury headcounts or share how many patients are in the operating room at any given time. Nurses can then send up-to-the-minute updates about the OR situation using the share feature on message walls.

Start an emergency preparedness blog

Write posts about what to do in all plausible emergency scenarios. If a crisis occurs, have the first responder write a quick post about the situation. Provide updates in the comments section directly below the post. Tag the event with the type of emergency that is taking place, be it an evacuation, power outage or dangerous weather conditions.

Create a workplace Health & Safety department page

Introduce the workplace safety team and explain exactly what their job entails. Share educational videos explaining how to do the Heimlich maneuver, offer a rotating widget with first aid tips, and bookmark links to incident reporting forms, fire safety and security procedure documentation.

safe workplace is a productive one. Use your intranet to give employees the tools and resources they need to feel protected in the case of an unexpected emergency.

Source: Business2Community

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