Let’s face it: infographics are a dime a dozen these days. In a typical day of internet scouring, you’re likely to see various infographics covering a plethora of topics – from Facebook to football, from sex to sedentary lifestyles. You get the picture.

But people really like infographics, apparently. I mean, it looks like they are ready, willing, and able to share them with all of their social media pals – even more so that traditional articles.

BitRebels looked at their last 500 infographic articles and their last 500 traditional articles, and compared how they were shared across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

And what they found was a stark contrast in shareability – especially on Twitter.

Retweets of infographic drawrfed those of traditional articles by 832%. Shares on StumbleUpon also increased dramatically, at 746%. The number was similarly high for LinkedIn – a 629% increase.

So, looking to create an infographic? Make sure it’s a good one. “Pick a good one and your infographic can achieve a reach of up to 15 million people, if not more within the social media networking world. That’s a pretty good promotional tool for a company that is looking to expand their client base and present their product to the masses,” says BitRebels.

Check out their full infographic on infographics below:

Source: WebProNews

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