Red Hat releases Storage Server 2.0

Red Hat releases Storage Server 2.0

Red Hat has announced the global availability of Red Hat Storage Server 2.0, the company’s scale-out, open source storage software solution for the management of unstructured data, RTT News reports.

The company says Red Hat Storage Server 2.0 transforms the enterprise and cloud storage market by combining community-powered innovation with the volume economics of industry standard x86 servers across on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments.

According to CBR Online, the new application is built on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system.

Red Hat Storage Server 2.0 integrates with object storage to help users combine larger amounts of storage into a single centralised pool.

It is optimised for storage-intensive enterprise workloads including high-performance computing, near-line archival and rich media content clouds.

Red Hat has not yet divulged pricing on the Storage Server 2.0 stack, The Register writes.

However, Ranga Rangachari, GM of storage at Red Hat, says a typical high-end, scale-out NAS vendor could put boxes in the field for something in the order of $1 per GB, but that Red Hat could do it for around 25 cents to 30 cents per GB.

Source: ITWeb

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