Despite evidence that banning social media at work is actually ineffective, roughly 50% of companies still do so.  Despite this however, a new report reveals that Twitter usage at work is on the rise.

The report, conducted by Palo Alto Networks, revealed that when people used social networks at work, they were increasingly doing so via Twitter rather than Facebook.

The company looked at the browsing habits of employees at over 2,000 companies around the world.  Whilst time spent on social networking hasn’t really shifted, where people spend their time certainly has.

Facebook was the big loser, seeing its share of workplace browsing drop from 54% of the total in November last year to just 37% by May this year.  Twitter by contrast nearly doubled in that time, from 11% to 21%.

Somewhat surprisingly Tumblr scores highly as a workplace destination of choice, with 10% of all social media browsing happening on the site.  Industry darling Pinterest by contrast accounts for just 1%.

What will no doubt please IT and HR departments however is the portion of total browsing that goes to social networks.  The research found that just 1% of all workplace browsing was to social media.

That may explain why some companies are now warming to social media usage at work, although there are increasingly examples of companies using social media tools and technologies to improve how they operate, with Forrester arguing that social media (along with cloud computing, mobile technology and software as a service) are the four key game changersof modern business.

Source: Technorati

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