Social media can link you to a job

Social media can link you to a job

Job hunters: If you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re not where three-fourths of U.S. job recruiters are posting jobs.

LinkedIn far outpaces Twitter and Facebook for job postings, according to a report released this month by Bullhorn Reach, a company that provides recruiting software.

As with many trends, the company found that social media recruiting in Missouri, Kansas and some other central states tends to lag behind the coasts.

Still, job hunters anywhere should include social media in their search strategy.

Bullhorn pulled data from a network of more than 77,500 recruiters and found that 77 percent of their postings are going on LinkedIn, 54 percent are on Twitter and 25 percent are on Facebook.

The majority of job postings, the company said, are posted on two or more social networks.

Only 21 percent of jobs aren’t put on any social media site, according to the report.

Online job boards such as CareerBuilder and newspaper want ads continue to be useful for many job hunters. Craigslist and company sites also have job postings. But remember that human contact is the most effective job-finding tool.

On social networks, restaurants led all other categories in job postings on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, according to Bullhorn’s rankings.

Other industries that dominate social media job postings are advertising and public relations, nonprofits, fashion and apparel, health care, food service and catering, technology, education, accounting and communications.

If you’re in an active job hunt and haven’t dipped your toe in the social media waters, it’s time to find out if your nearest community college, chamber of commerce, public library or professional association offers social media short courses or seminars.

Or you might find a friend or relative who is willing — for love or money — to spend a half day helping you set up social media accounts and learn how to navigate the sites.

It will improve your hiring odds by putting you on platforms with those who do.

Source: KansasCity

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