So how does communication work nowadays? There are three general components or tools for communication:

  • Person-to-person
  • Emails / Memo
  • Meetings

As you can see all these ways to communicate limit the communication to either two people or a small group. There is no common tool in todays organizations that allows people to start communicate with the entire staff. A social intranet fills that gap by opening up dialog across the entire organization. With a social intranet people can ask questions, start discussions and get feedback from the entire knowledge base of your organization. The result: a better connected and informed workforce and thereby a clear competitive advantage.


In addition to the fact that a social intranet connects your organization’s people and lets them share their knowledge there is the fact that information shared can now be accessed quickly by anybody. Any post, comment or feedback will become part of the social intelligence of your organization and can now be searched for. Much like a bulletin board will people be able to find information very quickly.

Many of you know how it works on the internet: If you are looking for a specific information the first thing you try is to google it. If you find the information there it’s fine and you can proceed with what you’re working on. Only if you can’t find the desired information on the internet will you go ahead and ask a question in some bulletin board or expert network. However, that usually prevents you from continuing your work because you need to wait for someone to answer your question first. It works pretty much the same in an organization so implementing a social intranet solution for your organization will certainly boost work performance as existing information can be accessed quickly through social intelligence.


A social intranet is one of the only tools that allows you to create an open communication channel for your organization. Through that open communication your organization’s staff is more connected and better informed of what’s currently going on. The result is a better connected and informed workforce. In addition to the ongoing communication a social intelligence will emerge through the shared information because the knowledge can be searched and accessed at anytime by anybody in your organization.

A social intranet fills a gap in your organization because it is the first tool that connects all the people and lets them communicate, exchange their knowledge and their ideas. In the three parts of this blog article series I outlined why I think a social intranet truly helps your organization and results in a clear competitive advantage.

Source: Blog. The Fruit Corporation.

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