allAware, a free mobile app and web-based private social network for nonprofits, lets organizations interact with members, share news and even solicit donations in a private and secure forum. It was developed by Linxter, Inc.

The private social network can be accessed at and on Windows Phone and Android smartphones and tablets. It gives nonprofits a means to communicate privately with staff, volunteers and supporters, said Jason Milgram, founder of Linxter, Inc., in Cooper City, FL.

“Many of the social networks available to these groups have privacy settings that are hard to figure out, and nonprofits are reluctant to post proprietary information,” Milgram said. “allAware changes that, because it allows the sharing of private information only within the organization.”

An iPhone version of the app will be released in June 2012.

Since its soft launch in February 2012, allAware is being used by 35 nonprofits in 18 states.

“From alumni groups to churches, synagogues, private schools and student organizations, allAware is enabling nonprofits to harness the power of mobile computing and cloud technology to help solve fundamental challenges,” Milgram said.

allAware is free to use. There is a $10 monthly fee if organizations turn on the mobile donationsmodule to allow members to make donations. Members enter a credit card once, and then can make one-click donations using the web or mobile app.

“allAware enhances our ability to communicate with our members in a private yet communal way and makes new relationships possible. Using this app increases excitement and involvement as everyone can easily see who else is attending events, making donations, chatting and news items from the organization,” stated Rabbi Frank DeWoskin of Temple Beth Emet. “When one sees that others are participating, one wants to participate themselves; hence strengthening our community.”

The app also can be set up to receive donations anonymously or by name, with a message attached or an emoticon.

“People are seven times more likely to use a mobile app than to log into a website, it’s just easier to use, Milgram said. “There’s no checkbook to take out, no stamps to buy, no ATM. It certainly streamlines the donation process. Mobile apps are making it easier for members of nonprofits to be involved in their organizations.”

Besides making the donation process easier, allAware also gives a group a private forum for news.

“Any nonprofit that has experienced an embarrassing post on Facebook can see the value in a private network,” Milgram said. “They need a forum for just within their community. For example, birth and death announcements, that’s not something you necessarily want in a public forum. The more connected a community is, the more there is a need for it.”

The app also lets members RSVP for meetings and see current events. It not only can act as the official news outlet of a nonprofit, but can be a private chat room for supporters to exchange information.

“Communication is a big problem within many groups,” Milgram said. “This is an opportunity to provide anytime, anywhere information access and increase donations. allAware is built on the Windows Azure Cloud, which insures that it is always available to users and operational costs are low.”

“Our ISV community is alive with innovation, and we’re committed to helping our partners drive the next generation of software experiences.” said Nicole Denil, Director of Azure, Americas for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Group at Microsoft. “Linxter is adopting the latest technologies to provide their customers with innovative ways to communicate via solutions like allAware.”


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