This for me is a highly thought provoking graphic. It looks at the reasons why a person may engage, the WIIFM.

Originally based upon understanding why crowd-sourcing was successful or a failure, this interesting snapshot is a tool that can be applied to many areas of digital life.

Its easy for sites and to “build it and they will come”, however being their is only the beginning (assuming of course that is true).
Why should they stay?
Why should they “put themselves out”?

What is the “reward” or motivation?

Now this graphic was developed for social style external communities and sites, but I wonder how many IT or HR departments also think about this when implementing internal systems? I suspect that this motivation or WIIFM factor is often overlooked in favour of function or business need.

Us employees are emotional beings, and we need motivation or engagement for us to “get involved”

Thought provoking stuff.. what do you think?

Source: Ecademy

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