Social Media Nation

Social Media Nation

Americans Love Social Media

4 out of 5 Americans access the internet. (We wonder what the offline 20% do with their time). 65% of adult Internet users have an account on at least one social network (an 8x increase from 2005). 80% of active Internet users visit social media and blogs. (PewInternet)

Americans spend 23% of their Internet time on social networks and blogs, and just 3% on current events & global news. Social networks and blogs account for nearly a quarter (22.5%) of the time Americans spend online, more than double the time spent playing video games games (9.8%). (Nielsen)

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We are Mobile Social Users

Close to 40% of social media users access it from their mobile phones. For example, more than 250 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices. (

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Social Media Stats

Facebook is the top social network, reaching 70% of active Internet users, who spend more than 53 million minutes on the social network. Facebook averages 405 minutes per visitor per month. (Technolog)

Tumblr and Pinterest capture a significant 89 minutes of our time per month, roughly a quarter of the time the average user spends on Facebook. (Business Review USA)

71% of adults who go online watch video. (PewInternet)

Foursquare boasts 20 million users and recently hit 2 billion checkins, seeing a million new signups per month. (The Next Web)

Pinterest passed 10 million users, growing 40% year over year. (BusinessInsider).

Instagram has 30 million users (and, as everyone knows by now, the 18-month-old company was recently sold to Facebook for $1 billion).

Flickr hosts over 5 billion images. (Flickr)

Twitter has over 500 million users. (Twopcharts)

This phenomenon is not limited to the US. In a sample of 10 global markets, social networks and blogs reach at least 60% of active Internet users. (Nielsen)

SinoWeb (China’s Twitter) has 250 million registered users. (Forbes)

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Marketers are Making Significant Social Media Investments

94% of marketers surveyed recently are employing social media for marketing purposes. (2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report)

Gartner projects that the social CRM market will reach $1 billion in revenues by the close of 2012, up from $625 million in 2010. (MarketingProfs)

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