The ability to communicate as entrepreneurials is important  because many variables come into play during the business day. Sharing information is now vital, understanding business resources and interpretation of data from various resources.

Using technology has changed from an occasional use to an absolute necessity in the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 environments of digital information sharing and content creation. The down-side to the use technology is the inappropriate relationships that develop and unprofessional content using electronic
messaging like blogs and with other technologies.

Entrepreneurials have implemented the use of online social media resources (Social Media/Social Networks) that allow for connections outside of the traditional business hours. An article in The Wall Street Journal recently analyzed if entrepreneurship could be taught or if it must be learned. Just as with any profession hands on learning and educational opportunities do apply to successful outcomes.

Resources are Blogging, Twitter (microblogging) and Facebook: A blog is defined as an online presence or website, updated by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, opinions, and discussions on various topics. There is an interactive component that can be imple-mented in Blogs; graphics, video and audio can be shared  
on blogs to provide interactivity. Facebook is a social network platform for connecting with multiple people.

The key component is the ability to share content effectively and bring value and relevance to sharing information and content creation.

Blogging for entrepreneurials allows for the use of web based resources to be shared. The expectations, guidelines and key elements that consumers follow so they know what is going on in the business world. There are professional aspects of information sharing and just as with any type of technology
business sense is imperative. Caution is seen in examples of unprofessional Blogging, Tweets and FB entries, evident when business owners discuss potentially unprofessional business practices. Questions arise about business peers and clients, why have a blog when questions are posed about business information. Business owners are measured with standards, people in other professions judge because of direct interaction with the consumer. This is why professional behavior should be exhibited at all times; care should be
taken in the “content’ of writing and what comes in question when there is reference to the business ability to perform.

Entrepreneurials should understand that content online is a matter of interpretation and what is posted never goes away; content posted and shared is a permanent fixture online. The availability of technology extends a digital reach should always be respected, just as in the early 50′s the immersion of the television created a paradigm in the access to entertainment, worldwide information and business information. The Internet has created major changes in the availability of information, the speed of exchange of information and a paradigm shift in digital content sharing and advertising.

When entrepreneurials put themselves on display by writing content and posting online they are responsible and held accountable for content.

Education is a key component to growing with technology and changes in business practices. Educational opportunities can be found with such groups as E3 Business Group in the developing business center. It is growing into a high tech business center where technology will be available to hold meetings, trainings, workshops, seminars and other business related opportunities. Unique workshops such as “So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?” (Anthony Butler, Sr), Social Media and Branding, (Tiffany Duhart), Social Media and Tweens, Teens and Young Adults; Blogging for Your Life and Work (William Jackson) and others will be offered.

Stated in the article, Teaching Entrepreneurism” research in the field of entrepreneurship has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years, so educators can do much more to help entrepreneurs avoid common problems.”

Education should not be overlooked or thought of as a waste of time. Just as professional educators participate in Professional Development, Doctors attend conferences and other professionals have seminars, Entrepreneurs
should take advantage of educational opportunities.

Entrepreneurials must be reminded that when blogging about any business venture they should take into account the fairness of information posted, privacy issues and accuracy. Education of laws written and unwritten are important.

Dr. Noam Wasserman, of the Harvard Business School; “many of the base skills (of business) can be taught, but they (entrepreneurs) must be complimented with real-world work to prepare them for the industry. By education pitfalls may be avoided and an increase their success rates in business.”

“Technology in business and social media allows and encourages opportunities for collaboration, open content sharing and personal branding” ( Tiffany Duhart 2012, ).

Many businesses have a policy on Blogging and accessing Social Media platforms. From my experiences as a higher education and public school educator, business owner, Social Media presenter; my experiences as a Blogger over 8 years and user/developer of Social Media/Social Networks, if you put something out on the Internet someone will see it, if it is misunderstood or seen as inappropriate eventually someone will report it. Technology can help entrepreneurials expand from the development of content creation. Be smart, be professional, be involved in professional development opportunities and always be business minded.

Source: ThyBlackMan

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