Have you bought something online this week? This month? Ever? If so, you’re part of a growing consumer base who prefers to shop from the convenience of their computer screens rather than trudge to the store.

While online shopping is nothing new, social shopping is a relatively new and growing phenomenon. Getting recommendations from friends, deals from a Twitter account you follow, and buying clothes right on Facebook are new ways to make shopping online more social. But just how often are retailers adding social to their shopping experience?

ArgyleSocial examined 566 online retailers in the months of November and December 2011 to see how well they incorporated social – and how their customers responded.

On Twitter, retailers still need some help when it comes to asking their customers to buy their products. Only 26 percent frequently include calls to action – which direct consumers to take a specific action, like visit a website or purchase a product – in their tweets. And worse still, 49 percent never include a call to action.

ArgyleSocial also found that retailers are lagging when it comes to promoting deals via Twitter. Only 23 percent have used Twitter to promote a social-only deal, such as a coupon or discount available only to Twitter users who click the link. This is a great – and still untapped – way for retailers to build loyalty among their social followers.

Take a look at the infographic below for more stats about social commerce on Twitter, Facebook and beyond (click to enlarge):

Source: MediaBistro

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