Social media is fast becoming a major business expense. But are its human resources, marketing, and public relations benefits offset by its impact on the working day?

As more people sign up for Facebook and Twitter, more people are badmouthing their bosses online, wasting company time, and over-sharing their day-to-day lives.

How serious are the risks? Today HR software maker TribeHR asks “How can social media get you fired?

How can social media get you fired? Misuse in the Workplace: Nearly half (43 percent) of businesses around the world say that misuse of social networks is an issue they have had to deal with. In 2011, 42% of corporations admitted they had to take disciplinary action against employees regarding misuse of social networks, up from 24 percent in 2009. The number of social media-related firings is on the rise. In 2009, 8 percent of companies reported having actually dismissed someone for their behaviour on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. That's double the amount from the previous year. Policies away from work. While 35% say their firms deny all workers access to Facebook and Twitter, only 20 percent ban access to LinkedIn. As of 2011, 31 percent of organizations have adopted policies specifically addressing the use of social media sites outside of work, up from 10 percent in 2009. Policies at work. Companies reporting that

Source: Blog.Tribehr

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