5 tips for a better intranet

5 tips for a better intranet

Collaboration and communication make for better business, and one of the most powerful tools for both is an Intranet.

If you’re going to get the most from your Intranet platform, however, it’s important that it offer the right features.

Here are five tips for a better and more productive system:

1. Provide advanced search capability.

Without good search capabilities, your Intranet can quickly become an information wilderness. Good search means that information is more likely to be used and maintained. Make sure that your search function is fast, prominent and delivers results that can be easily filtered or customised.

2. Deliver appealing looks.

When it comes to getting the most from your Intranet platform, a good user experience counts. To encourage your users to feel at home, make sure that yours is attractive, clean and intuitive.

3. Make sure it has business intelligence.

Business Intelligence should be a key function of any Intranet solution. Ensure that yours has Business Intelligence capabilities. Use your Intranet as the nexus for information collection in your business by connecting it to as many databases across your operations as possible.

4. Provide forms and workflows.

Electronic forms and workflows simplify and streamline day-to-day tasks. To improve organisational efficiency, make sure that your Intranet supports them and help staff to manage and create them. Your Intranet should be a hub for achieving tasks as well as an information storage.

5. Focus on document management.

An Intranet is the perfect place to manage and revise important documents from a central location. Make sure that yours has fully-fledged document management capabilities, including authoring, control and revision systems.

In Conclusion

From better internal communications to resource sharing and process improvements, the benefits of a well-managed Intranet solution are many. Ensuring that yours achieves its potential is an ongoing task, but one that can greatly contribute to your overall success.

Source: Brennan IT

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