Web 2.0 Technology a spectacular revolution

Web 2.0 Technology a spectacular revolution

With a remarkable increase in the use of internet and dependence of individuals on web, it has become essential that its use becomes easy and more simplified. With this view the concept of Web 2.0 was coined. This has made the World Wide Web a more user friendly and easy to use interface of the users. This new concept has bought a level of vibrancy in the internet surfing.

The popularity of Web 2.0 is not limited to one horizon rather it has brought about a revolution in multiple fields like Social Bookmarking, Podcasting, RSS contribution etc.

Coming to the first most important aspect of Web 2.0 the social network, it is the field which has received maximum advantage with this new technology interface. Recently the Social networking sites have gained a lot of popularity with people from almost every segment holding an account on them.

These sites are full of online tools and platforms which gives an entertaining and informative source to the users. Here people interact with each other to share their thoughts and ideas with each other. With the use of Web 2.0 applications, the social networking sites have become far more interesting for the users. One can see bigger and more visible buttons on screen with easily identifiable instructions. One can have a full control on the security and visibility of the personal information.

The next stream which has gained a lot from the Web 2.0 applications is the financial institution. It has blessed this segment with ample of opportunities to interact with the customers. We often see banks and other financial institutes taking good advantage of social sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for spreading their message.

The use of Web 2.0 is also observed in the case of small businesses which have become more proactive and established with its applications. These small businesses take advantage Web 2.0 in order to stand in competition with the larger businesses. Such small businesses are taking help of Social sites again for promoting their products and services in an affordable manner. We often see special offers and schemes being notified on these social sites.

The use of this user friendly application is not just limited to businesses as the other beneficiary includes the teachers and students. The education process is no more limited to classroom as the whole world is awaited at the tip of a mouse click. Teachers innovate ways to make the lectures and other activities more practical and interesting for the students. Lack of participation is no more a concern for the students with the use of Web 2.0. The new technology helps the students to be interactive and also get the bigger picture of any concept.

Thus here we see that Web 2.0 has bought about a revolution in the world of Web through its high end technologies and advancement.

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