When you operate a small business, the last thing you want to do is waste precious time. Luckily, mobile apps for Apple and Android devices can help simplify many of your day-to-day business operations.

The only problem is, who has time to search for and test these apps in the first place? Rest assured, we have you covered. These five mobile apps will save you time and keep you more organized than ever before — whether you’re searching for a password management system or a way to log in to your home computer remotely.

Test them out and let us know what you think! In the comments, link to any other helpful productivity apps that would benefit small business owners.

1. LogMeIn

Use LogMeIn to access your Mac or PC content from your iPhone or iPad. This app is great for traveling or to pull up files remotely. With LogMeIn you can also run any PC application from your mobile device.

Price: FREE

Automatically or manually record calls, lectures or meetings, or leave yourself an audio note with Total Recall. The app works on most Android devices and even syncs with Evernote.

Price: $7.96

Paper? Come again?

With EasySign, eliminate the need for paper documents altogether. Using your finger or a stylus, sign Word docs, PDFs, JPEGs and more on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You have the option to add three signatures per document. Then send it securely and/or import to Dropbox or Box.net.

Price: FREE

Tired of waiting on hold with customer service for hours on end? LucyPhone takes the hassle out of holding by allowing you to … hang up.

Search LucyPhone’s list of popular customer service phone numbers, then LucyPhone will patch you through. If you get put on hold, press **. You’ll be disconnected, but when a customer service agent comes back on the line, LucyPhone will call you back and reconnect you two.

Price: FREE

Securely store sensitive information on your Android mobile device with Pocket. The app stores bank information, passwords, prescriptions, locker combinations, etc.

The information is only accessible via a master password that cannot be accessed locally, in case your phone were to fall in the wrong hands.

Connect to Dropbox or to your desktop for extra access and backup.

Price: FREE

Source: Mashable

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