There is a lot of room for the mobile industry to grow, fact proven by mobile device makers who are reporting a significant increase in smartphone sales. Not all companies have recorded great quarters, however, there’s not doubt that smartphone sales are going to increase in 2012 compared to 2011. Switching the focus to mobile web usage, StatCounter said that mobile web users have doubled each year since January 2009.

According to StatCounter, mobile internet usage has reached 8.5% in January 2012, while is almost double from the 4.3% recorded in January 2011. These aren’t unexpected figures, and the mobile market hasn’t just exploded. The truth is that the mobile market has grown consistently over the years, and analysts are expecting this trend to continue the following year, although it may slow down in 2014.

The smartphone market is expected to grow until 2014 when the tablet business will take over. StatCounter said that the internet was accessed by 0.7% of the users in January 2009. The amount reached 1.6% in 2010, while in January 2011 up to 4.3% of cellphone and smartphone users were accessing the web. Like said, in January 2012 8.3% of the users were browsing the internet on their mobile phone at least once a month.

If you thought that the winner in this case was Apple, then you will be very surprised – Nokia users are account for 40% of all mobile web usage thanks to the fact that in the past few years the Finland-based company sold more than 400 million devices per year. StatCounter analysts said that Nokia is dominating the business thanks to its leading position in emerging markets like India where people can buy very cheap devices.

The report excludes tablets, but includes cellphones therefore Apple is only on second place thanks to users in the UK and US. iOS phone owners are accounting for a 28.76% usage which is more than double than the world’s biggest smartphone vendor Samsung. The Android / Bada / Windows Phone 7 maker has a 14% market share, and it comes third on the list.

The analysts also noticed that all Android manufacturers are making up for 24.72% of mobile web usage which is less than Apple’s iPhone users. Anyway the Android eco-system is doing fine considering the fact that sales are increasing. RIM’s BlackBerry will have to be considered the loser in this case because the company had 18.15% share in January 2011, while in January 2012 the amount has decreased to 8.3%.

Apple is leading the market in North America with 59.11% share in mobile web usage where Samsung comes second with 11.43%, while BlackBerry is third with 10.06%. The Cupertino firm is expected to lead the mobile web usage in the United States in 2012, while Android OEMs are also expected to fill in the blanks.

StatCounter’s report concludes that 1 in 6 users will access the internet using a mobile phone next year, while the numbers will grow exponentially if we’re going to start counting tablets and eReaders.

Source: GeekSailor

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