To celebrate the Android Market surpassing its 10 billionth download, Google is running a promo that includes 10 premium apps for 10 days at only $0.10 each.

Thursday marks day three of the Android promo, but it seems like yesterday’s apps, such as Fruit Ninja and Air Sync by doubleTwist are still selling at the reduced price. (Although they could go back to normal price at any time.)

Here are the 10 featured apps in the promo today.

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1. Tetris

This game has passed the test of time over and over again, and today you can enjoy the Android-optimized puzzle for only $0.10.

Enjoy a bright blue sky, even on the rainiest of days with this interactive wallpaper. Based on your unread messages, colorful balloons float through, and you can also customize cloud density, wind speed, and the sun or moon.

3. Homerun Battle 3D

Baseball season may be over, but you can still master your batting average with this arcade game. You can go head-to-head with other players online, or play on your own for only a dime today.

4. Reckless Getaway

Enjoy stealing cars and high-speed police chases without the actual consequence. However, when the deal is up tomorrow, you’re on your own.

5. Talking Tom Cat 2

Tom, the cat that responds to your touch and mocks you in a funny voice, is back in his second app. Enjoy your virtual pet today at a special price.

6. Kids Learn to Read (Preschool)

This educational app makes reading fun for preschool-aged children, inviting them to practice blending sounds to read and spell. The full version is available today as part of Google’s promotional download.

7. ADQLauncher Ex

ADWLauncher EX replaces your normal Android home screen with a highly customizable desktop. You can also create shortcuts and edit current ones.

8. Space Physics

Bring your artwork to life as real physical objects with this puzzle game. Today, physics is fun for only $0.10.

9. Toki Tori

This brainteaser puzzle game features a cute chicken and 80 levels of egg-collecting, despite ghosts, traps and evil slugs.

10. Can Knockdown 2

Put your aiming skills to the test with this upgrade to the original knockdown game. This version is complete with new levels and a more precise response to your actions.

Source: Mashable

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