Almost everyone uses social networks for personal or business purposes. Communication via social media is taken for granted. Even employers check freelancer’s reputation with the help of social means.

Today we’ll explore top apps for better social media management. However, we will go beyond solutions like Hootsuite as it is a well-known brand on the social media apps market. The tools in this roundup are easy, useful, and affordable for freelance social media experts and are rising stars you should get your hands on.

Bizo Switchboard

Bizo Switchboard is more than a just a free Twitter link shortener. It helps you get the most out of your tweets and promote your website, blog or your freelance services. As you publish a URL, Bizo Switchboard shortens it and makes a unique bar, which pops up to anyone who clicks on your link in the tweet.

The bar contains your Twitter account name, your message and “Follow” button. Switchboard bar can be customized to meet your website color scheme. Besides, Bizo Switchboard shows statistics such as link impressions and click through rates. is a perfect tool for heavy social media users. If you have many accounts, you can connect all of them to one center – and post unified updates to all your networks with one click.

This app offers solutions to post new statuses on the go, thus, giving you more control over your social media presence.

Check Usernames

Check Username is a free web service that measures availability of usernames on 160+ social networks in one click. It’s really simple and fast. Freelance social media marketers should bookmark this useful tool. Check Username saves you time by providing all this info efficiently.

Pay with a Tweet

Pay with a Tweet is a useful web app for boosting your Twitter authority and promote your content. If you have prepared a detailed report or useful how-to guide, you can offer it for the cost of one tweet.

As soon as a user tweets about your work, they get access to it. For example, a freelance webmaster may share an SEO guide using the Pay with a Tweet app to attract more people and potential employers.

Timely by Demandforce

Timely is a free, simple app used to manage your Twitter accounts. Freelancers who deal with multiple Twitter accounts may find it a handy tool for daily use.

You write your tweets, set the time zone, day of the week, and go have fun. Timely will post updates for you. However, you cannot set the precise hours you want your tweets to appear online.


JustUnfollow is a free web application for getting rid of Twitter followers. It shows your followers’ profiles and helps you evaluate your audience. If someone is annoying you or does not follow you back, Justunfollow is what you need to stop following them.

Justunfollow is a suitable tool for Twitter accounts that have a large number of subscribers, as it allows you to filter your user base quickly and unfollow several people at a time. However, do not forget to read Twitter rules about following and unfollowing in order not to violate the Terms.


Klout is a social media score dashboard. It analyzes your social influence and assigns you a score. Inside your account, you see your rank, post reach, topics, and score change statistics.

The application measures Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other account activity to place a score. But it’s up to you to decide what networks you want to monitor. The key benefit for freelance social media managers is Klout’s catalog of top influencers, which helps find and follow popular accounts.


Topsy is a real-time search for social media updates. If you are building a social media campaign or monitoring top topics for your freelance writing, check out Topsy. It aggregates information and helps you examine the latest tweets, Google+ updates, photos, and videos. Moreover, you can set email alerts for important keywords.


TwitHawk is an advanced tool for following and marketing in social media. It creates lists of users interested in your product area. The application analyzes in real time posts so you can make an effective Twitter connection with the right message.

TwitHawk allows you to filter keywords. So it makes sense to make several lists with narrow queries to find the proper people or use broad keywords with exclusion.


Twiends is a public chart of top Twitter users, apps and trends. Here you can see which person attracts the most attention, what are the top applications, and promote your own Twitter account.

Explore the catalog and find the most suitable apps for your profile or people with common interests. The key asset is that you can do it all without access to your Twitter account. You can use it by simply browsing through the Twiends dashboard.

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