Web and Mobile Web Are Becoming One

Web and Mobile Web Are Becoming One

It is nothing new and every SEO or Internet marketer knows that Google algorithms can’t read and “understand” Flash websites and as Apple decided not to support Flash on their mobile devices, most likely that HTML5 took the biggest advantage, as easy alternative with even better capabilities.

This isn’t really bad as making site compatible with latest mobile devices is not a difficult, especially if your website is based on some of the most popular CMS.  Another thing is that creating mobile equivalent to a regular website doesn’t cost a fortune and even there are many wizard applications on Internet which can assist you to create even mobile application using just RSS feeds.

Well, the situation is not that bright, many social media applications are build exactly with Flash, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. HTML5 is very powerful, but even some desktop browsers are not supporting latest tags. The most obvious example is probably on Facebook, millions of users are accessing this social network with their mobile devices and personally I think it is very brave to ignore so many people.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Planning in advance, research and analysis are few factors that need to be considered carefully before even thinking about development stage:

  • Define your goals
  • Market research and competitor (if any) analysis
  • Create sharing opportunities
  • Define update cycle
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

The next steps of development and implementation are as important as the first stage:

  • Development Technology Choice
  • Define Mobile Marketing for your Organization
  • Maximize your Organizations Mobile Efforts
  • Implement an Optimized Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • Understand and Measure Mobile ROI
  • Craft and Implement Innovative Applications

There is a lot of contradiction and I am sure many are looking for solution, probably we are not very far from the point when mobile and web will merge and PC and mobile devices will become one, until this time, research and building web application and mobile application have to be done really careful, check your website statistics, find out how many visitors are using particular mobile device, operating system and browser. This is the right way to satisfy your readers and customers with your mobile version of website or application.

Source: Social Media Today

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