Netprospex has released their 2011 Summer Social Business Report examining the use of social media by business people across the US. It’s their most comprehensive report to date, covering the most social jobs, the most social companies, Top 50 companies on Twitter, and more. The most interesting section to me is The Most Social Industries (infographic below). While we’ve crossed the chasm, we are still a far way off from all businesses embracing the benefits of becoming social businesses.

As for methodoloy, Netprospex used the NetProspex Social Index (NPSI) to score and rank social network activity across the top social networks, including Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. The data was mined from NetProspex’s expansive database of crowdsourced business contacts, which include phone, email, job function, industry, location, social media profile information, and other fields used to generate this report.

The NPSI (NetProspex Social Index) score is determined by the following:

  1. Social presence: The number of employees with social media profiles across Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook using a company email address.
  2. Social connectedness: The number of connections across social networks, including Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and LinkedIn connections.

The Most Social Industries

Not surprisingly, computer technology tops the list. And examining the Top 20, 13 others represented could fit into a broader “technology” category. That’s 65% of the list. So what about everybody else? Why aren’t they becoming more social? (I ponder rhetorically.)

Even with the challenges with HIPAA and the FDA, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals are tied for 29th in the listed Top 50 in the report.  Expectations led me to think Newspapers & News Services and Publishing would have been higher on the list  looking to actively engage their existing reader communities. Yet coming in at 32 and 36 respectively leads me to think their past 10 years has been focused on integrating print and Web 1.0, and maybe social and Web 2.0 hasn’t yet been a top priority.

Netprospex Report - The Most Social Industries

And Let’s Not Forget The Least Social Industries

Organizations working for Cities, Towns, & Municipalities have the least socially connected employees. Rounding out the 10 least social industries are Motor Vehicle Dealers, Automotive Service & Collision Repair, Hospitals & Clinics, Lumber & Wood Production, Veterinary Care, Automobile Parts Stores, Mining, Emergency Medical Transporation Services, and Libraries.

Source: B2Bbloggers

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