Over the past couple of months Cloud computing has been on everyone’s mind. With increasing computational and storage needs, the ability to offload computation and store data in vast server farms and pull out only when needed are the main motivations driving the corporate sector to use cloud infrastructure.  Cloud.com, an operating system for datacenter managers, surveyed over 500 people to determine the trends in cloud computing usage and preferences for deploying virtual infrastructure. The results of that survey are presented in the infographic embedded below.

Before we move to the Infographics, following is the summary of some of the interesting facts;

  • Scalability, overall cost savings, easier management, greater flexibility and improved hardware utilization are the main factors currently driving the adoption of cloud computing.
  • Around 68% of the respondents considered hardware savings as the biggest perceived benefit of cloud computing. Others suggested that the perceived benefits included faster deployment of infrastructure, automation capabilities and reducing the systems management burden.
  • Only 7% of the people surveyed work in an environment where cloud computing strategy is in place. Another 20% have no plans to integrate a cloud computing infrastructure and 22% have a partial strategy.
  • Nearly 70% of the respondents use open source software whenever possible. Only 15% use it sparingly and another 14% only when commercial support isn’t available.

Source: SocialTimes

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