Here’s something you might not be aware of: over 80 percent of people who participate in an airline’s loyalty program never obtain enough miles to redeem a flight, while those who do obtain enough miles fly so often that they’re unlikely to want to fly again.

This fact was revealed by SimpliFlying, which has published a new infographic detailing the ways in which frequent fliers use social networks — and ways in which airline loyalty program managers might want to reward fliers in the future.

SimpliFlying teamed up with Cranfield University in the U.K. to find out how airlines and people who fly more than 5 times per year use social media. For instance, there are more airlines on Twitter (191) than airlines that have frequent flier programs (179). Just under 90 percent of frequent fliers use Facebook regularly and over 65 percent are fans of at least one airline on the social network.

About 50 percent of frequent fliers say they connect with airlines on social networks to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the airline and 26.5 percent say good customer service is an important factor in choosing which airline to fly with, while 23 percent say the option to earn frequent flier points is important.

Around 72 percent of frequent fliers say that they would join a social loyalty program, with over 65 percent saying they’d like to earn social loyalty points by checking-in or offering ideas on an airline’s Facebook page.

Given the statistics provided in this infographic, it seems pretty clear that frequent fliers want to receive rewards from airlines through engaging with them on social networking services. Here’s my suggestion if you fall into that category of frequent fliers: perhaps you’d like to check out Topguest, a platform that connects various airline and hotel loyalty programs and rewards users for carrying out social interactions.

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Source: Kris Holt on Scribbal

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