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Abstract characteristic of any product, as a rule, leads to uncertain blurred description. Especially it applies to such a complex product like a social network.

To improve the situation, let’s look at how employees can use corporate social networking in practice.


Getting started in any social network – filling in the profile and adding colleagues (in ordinary networks, they are called “friends”).

Fill in information about yourself, the more information is complete – the better. Specify your unit – it will simplify adding colleagues. Provide link to your profile in LinkedIn – it will show your resume, work experience.

Add co-workers from your group, office, laboratory to the list colleagues. These are the people you will communicate with most frequently.

Basic actions

Actually, everything is ready. Now you can work.

Internal communications.

Enables communication with employees. Of course it is silly to write if you can just talk to your neighbor, but often you have to leave a “trail”, so you could return to an issue. Leave someone’s phone number. Leave a note till a colleague is out of office. Remind of report for tomorrow. Send order or notice.


Start a diary. Record daily tasks and their solutions. Or useful techniques. Everyone has something to say, has something to share with colleagues. Often obvious solutions for one person are discoveries for others.

People can search your notes by keywords and benefit from your experiences. Colleagues will see your blog, so they can draw useful information or/and give a tip.


Classify. Large amounts of information in the company can be classified. Use Wiki to expound it. Wiki allows any user to create, link and edit pages. This simple (and seemingly unsafe) model served as a basis for Wikipedia.

Do not wait until someone creates a page of interest for you – do it yourself.

Social bookmarking.

You find interesting information. You bookmark it. Share it with your colleagues. Your “social” bookmarks are visible to your co-workers – they can find something useful for themselves.

Library. Often you have finished documents that you need to share with colleagues. Also it can be photos or videos. It can be sets of documents. Library is the right place to put these files.

For long forums are known as means for organization of vital issues’ discussion. Any issue that requires detailed discussion could and should be posted on the forum’s pages.

Work in groups.

Often working groups on particular occasions are created – new project, new initiative. Groups are natural and useful tool to express organization’s structure. Within the groups peculiar and specific activity takes place. Wiki, blogs, everything that is in the network is available for groups. Work in groups to improve efficiency.

Special Applications

Social network allows developing special applications that will work within it. They can be general or be designed for specific work. Here are some:

Events & Activities

Every organization holds events that involve a lot of people. Department meetings, voluntary work, general company’s meeting. Employees should be informed about such events and for some of them it is important to know who is going to attend. “Events” application helps keeping track of upcoming events.

Orders with a read receipt

Often it is necessary to inform of an order all or some employees. This application allows sending documents for acquaintance and collecting reading receipts.

Need advice

Often employees have questions other employees have answers to. “Need advice” is the right place for asking. You will not just get an answer, but probably you will get some (possibly different), and users can vote for the best one. As the result you will have several answers and a hint for better solution.

Ideas for company

If you have any idea how to improve company’s activity – write it here. Maybe other people will like your idea and vote for it. This will draw management’s attention and your idea will be developed. For implementation of some ideas there is no need in management’s attention – you can find like-minded people and solve the problem together.


Planning and project management are complicated processes. This application allows organizing processes of collecting requirements, planning iterations, decomposition of scenarios for tasks  and monitoring performance.

Particular project management process known as “Scrum” is implemented

Chat, instant messages *)

Some issues require immediate discussion. What to do if employees are in different places? Chat is the solution; all responses are in the same box.

Voice meetings *)

Chat development – voice meetings.

Online Seminars *)

Seminar is one of the options of using voice meetings. Speaker presents slides and explains them; the participants watch, listen and ask questions. Even if they are in different cities.

This mechanism allows organizing the entire training courses.

Testing *)

At the end of training testing should take place. This module allows creating tests for staff. For “choose the right answer” tests evaluation is done automatically.


RSS displays your colleagues’ updates – adding documents, changing statuses etc. Use it to monitor the dynamics of activities that you are interested in.


As any tool, social network requires studying and development. Acquiring basic skills, employees will be able to reinvent ways of using network – perfect and effective, so the whole company will enjoy them.

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