“Web 2.0 is the understanding that the network is the platform and on the network e-commerce software is platform roles for that business enterprise is distinct. Along with the cardinal part is person provides value. And determining the way to built database e-commerce and items to get superior to ensure that even more folks use that and it’s the key of internet 2.0.

Web 2.0 is the business enterprise revolution within the personal computer industry triggered with the transfer to the internet as platform, and an attempt to know the guidelines for success on that new platform.

In Web 2.0 the concept of Consumer (Customers) and Producer (Web Master) is dissolving. Web 2.o is even more about communications and person interactions. Web 2.0 is all about participation. “Content is the King” usually cited quote in the course of early internet 1.0 days, is now e-commerce software turned in to “User is the King” in Web 2.0. In internet 2.0 customers communicates by means of running a blog, wikis e-commerce software and social networking sites. Every little thing on the internet is tagged, to facilitate uncomplicated and quick navigation. Web 2.0 can also be about combining everything in 1 single page by indicates of tagging and AJAX with superior usability via a lot of white area, as well as a cleaner layout. The API capability makes it achievable for programmers to mash up information feeds and databases to cross reference specifics from various resources in 1 page. In distinction with internet 1.0, internet 2.0 has collective intelligence of thousands and thousands of customers.

Web 2.0 is all about enhanced model of Globe Wide Web with altering part and evolving business enterprise design where customers learned to talk with the other customers instead of just communicating with the publisher of your content.

Several of the Characteristics of Web 2.0

1. Web 2.0 is the second model of Web providing RIA (Rich World wide web Application) by bringing within the desktop expertise just like “Drag and Drop” on the webpage in browser.

2. SOA (Services Oriented ecommerce Architecture) is the key piece in Web 2.0. Buzzwords around e-commerce software, RSS, internet services and mash up, which defines how Web 2.0 application exposes performance to ensure that other applications can leverage and integrate those functionalities providing significantly richer set of applications.

three. Web 2.0 is the Social internet. Web 2.0 Application tends to interact a lot more with the end person. End customers usually are not only the customers of your application but also the participants whether or not by tagging the content, whether or not he is contributing towards the wiki or doing podcast for running a blog. Because of the Social nature of application end person is the interval portion of your information for that application, proving feedbacks and permitting application to leverage that person going to use it.

four. In Web 2.0 philosophy and method is that “The Web is open”. Content is readily available to be moved and altered by any person. Web site content isn’t controlled with the folks who made the internet site but with the person who are working with the internet site.

five. In Web 2.0 Data is the driving power. Customers ecommerce software are spending a lot more time on line and began generating content in their passive e-commerce software time. Web 2.0 requires a lot of the key systems to be utilised within the advancement of internet pages. One of the crucial systems is the AJAX which supports advancement of rich person expertise.

6. Web 2.0 sites typically incorporate a lot of the subsequent key systems.


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