WEB100.SENT (Social Enterprise).

Intracorporate social network.

Gennadiy Serdyuk, < gserdyuk@web100.com.ua>

New phase of Internet applications development that allows users to share information via websites, generate content for websites and in general – to interact (so, everything that is now called Web 2.0), also created opportunities for implementation of these innovative approaches for enterprise applications. The newly created type of platform for enterprises is called Enterprise 2.0.

Enterprise 2.0 is the possibility for employees to fill the corporate network with useful information by themselves. Blogs, Wiki, social bookmarks – all these allow users to draw conclusions about the usefulness of the information and place it in the network.

The logical development of these tools is social network that additionally allows establishing contacts among employees that are equivalent to real world’s bonds, and to use them in their daily work – to interact with other users.

Benefits of social network are:

  • Possibility of sharing unstructured information and information that is difficult to generalize;
  • Simplifies information search for solutions for other users;
  • Encourages users to help each other;
  • Allows accumulating intracorporate knowledge;
  • Promotes users collaboration

Besides, corporate social networks can have a significant impact on type of management in company because online communities’ feature is distributed leadership.

WEB100 company has extensive experience in social networks development – niche, specialized, corporate. WEB100.SENT is the result of company’s work in the development of social networks. Company offers a social network WEB100.SENT for implementation at the enterprises.

WEB100.SENT is designed to provide communications within the company based on the reflection of existing social connection, the accumulation of intracorporate knowledge in an obvious form, prompt notifications, providing a platform for groups’ cooperation. The system is especially useful for territorially distributed organizations where contacts among employees are complicated.

The system is modular and can be expanded with new modules. Existing modules can also be configured or disabled – as client wishes.

WEB100.SENT features:

  • Detailed profile for each user:
    • search within the company based on person’s experience, skills, previous jobs, etc.;
    • enables monitoring whether a user is at the workplace (if used the system recently);
  • Displays social connections in the company (“acquaintances”):
    • displays chains of personal connections – chains of high confidence;
    • displays information flow – both within system and company;
  • Each user’s library of documents and images is available for searching and reviewing:
    • allows to accumulate information in the company;
    • organizes information for individual user;
    • organizes informational communication within the company
  • Social bookmarks / links are available to user’s “friends”:
    • allows distributing useful knowledge;
  • Mechanism of notifications/announcements:
    • allows bringing to employees’ notice orders and instructions of company’s management, track employees’ acquaintance with orders.
  • Direct communication among employees:
    • replacement of e-mail (for internal communications);
    • quicker and simpler in structure;
  • Forums, conferences:
    • Mechanism of discussing current issues;
    • Method to find assistance in solving complicated problems;
  • Wiki, blogs, individual web pages:
    • Allows staff to present unique information, accumulate knowledge within the company.
  • Groups:
    • display real working group, help to organize work of distributed teams through the exchange of documents, the group “wiki” and logs (blogs);
  • Tools for planning and managing projects:
    • allows to organize work on project;
  • Means of instant messages *) (in progress):
    • Allows to organize discussions within the group;
  • Voice Communication **) (planned):
    • Empower Communications;
    • Allows to hold voice meetings (input selector analog) at the workplace;
  • Training aids (online seminars and testing) **):
    • Allows educating employees in distant mode;
    • Empower employees’ possibilities regarding education (one can participate in seminars, being on business trip, etc.);
    • Enables development and testing employees.

WEB100.SENT tasks:

  • Improves communication at enterprise;
  • Creation of a knowledge base on the basis of individual contributions;
  • Quick search for the right staff and groups organization;
  • Enterprise processes’ maintenance (using additional modules).

WEB100.SENT implementation intensifies company’s activities, improves staff interaction to maintain knowledge within the organization.

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