launched a unique social networking browser app, ‘Social Plus Free: Social Networking Browser’ and ‘Social Plus Pro: Social Networking Browser’, the two versions of Social Plus app for all Android devices 2.1 and above on Google Android market. Social Plus app is a social networking browser allowing users to access their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr & Google Buzz accounts in one Social Plus app. Social Plus app can be used on 465 different Android devices globally.

Social Plus app lets you manage all of your social networking accounts from one platform. Users have to sign into your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Buzz and/or Google+ accounts, and they’ll all start streaming to Social Plus app live. Users can browse all of their social feeds right alongside one another by just tapping the icons to switch views.

Social Plus app eliminates need for having different applications for each social networking platform. Social Plus app reduces the hassle for managing the social networking accounts. Social Plus app will enable users to manage and view multiple social media feeds using one Social Plus Browser.

Social Plus app is currently available only on Android platform. This unique Android application has been designed for Android 2.1 and above devices and is currently available for download, both free and paid versions on the Google Android Market. Social Plus app has a very simple user interface thus making it very user friendly and easy for use. will soon launch Social Plus: Social Networking Browser on iPhone and iPad. Social Plus app will also integrate more social networks in their next update. Social networks like LinkedIn along with Chinese, Japanese and South Korean social networks like Weibo, Renren, Nate, Mixi and others. The update will also enable photo sharing on Facebook and other exiting features. is founded by Mithun Baphana, an entrepreneur and a graduate from University of Southern California [USC] with Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. is currently a non-funded start-up and is seeking funding from investors.


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