LinkedIn has completely overhauled its mobile experience, with a major update for its iPhone and Android app as well as its mobile website. The changes have been made in order to make the app and website faster, simpler and better.

The app is now up to 10 times faster than it was previously, so whether it’s the social news service LinkedIn Today, search or any other feature that you want to use, you’ll find the information that you need much faster. For instance, if you’re on your way to a meeting, you might want to read up a little about the other people who will be there. The app will now load their profiles faster and help you to get that information quicker, which could prove to be useful when you’re pressed for time and need to rush to the conference room.

One of the biggest changes to the app is the fact that LinkedIn now supports the ability to access groups from your iPhone or Android device. You can browse the groups you are a member of, look at discussions and get involved by contributing to discussions or starting your own. This was the most-requested feature addition from LinkedIn’s members.

The user interface of the updated app is utterly gorgeous and is approximately 500 billion times better than the previous version. That might be a slight exaggeration, but take a look at these screenshots:

linkedin-4.0 linkedin 4.0.1

As you can see, the app has been given an organizational overhaul around 4 main sections (rather than the previous 9), with the idea being that the app will be easier to navigate and also more intuitive for first-time users. In the Updates section, you can view updates from your network and the day’s top news from LinkedIn Today. The You section allows you to view your profile and connections, share updates and see other information related to you based on features that LinkedIn will be adding in the future. The Inbox section lets you see your invitations and messages in a centralized location. In Groups & More (which is displayed as “Your Network” in the screenshot for some reason), you can browse through and interact with your groups and also view potential connections in the People You May Know feature.

When you open the app or browse to the website, the first thing that you will see is the update stream. This is something that LinkedIn has implemented based on user feedback. Through this change, the company is aiming to help you stay up-to-date with what is happening in your network, company and industry as soon as you open the app.

LinkedIn, which only launched its Android app in April, has really gone for broke with its new app. It’s a drastic change from the old version and it should encourage some more of the social networking service’s more than 115 million users to try out the app and engage with their network while on the move.

You can check out the new-look mobile app for yourself by downloading it to your iPhone or Android. Alternatively, you can visit to use the revamped mobile website, which looks and feels very similar to the mobile app.


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