Social Networking as evolved to a point where it’s now crucial for business to be part of different social media networks. The tendency is so upbeat that we’re now seeing products and companies integrate social softwares to facilitate collaboration, communication & organization within the enterprise. The social project management system is currently at seed stage, but it’s quickly spreading to become more and more a relevant source of information within businesses and communities, which increase productivity and cost efficiency.

They either buy the software, develop it or just lease the access to it. In today’s reality of cloud computing, the best option is to lease the access. It’s scalable, simple and the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to maintain the software or the system it runs on.

” Social project management: Building your own enterprise community.”

To Stay Competitive does Enterprise Need Social Software?

At Talk Management we think that social software must be integrate to business structure for the following reasons.

  • Facilitate Collaboration within and outside the enterprise’s wall.
  • Advantage gains by networking with vendors and clients.
  • Productivity & Cost efficient.

Facilitate Collaboration within and outside the enterprise’s wall.

“The main message is that to be an effective enterprise, we need to change from individual productivity to group productivity,” said Matthew Glotzbach, director of product management for Google Enterprise at Google’s Innovation Nation, a one-day conference in Washington, D.C.”

Collaboration within the enterprise social software create an online social network of like minded individuals. People can get together and share ideas, information and post current projects online, collaboration promote innovations.

The current technologies (pre-social software) support standard business processes but fail to support the dynamic casual communications needed for resolving problems. Employees need tools that enable them to navigate across organizational boundaries, connect to the right people, take the right action and accelerate problem resolution.

Enterprise social software can also be use to open borders with external collaborators, collaborate on a massive, geography-defying scale to open a world of possibilities.

Advantage gains by networking with vendors and clients.

“One of the largest law firms in the United Kingdom found this out the hard way. Their largest customer threatened to fire them because the several lawyers servicing the account appeared to have little coordination between them. The result was redundant work, and higher search and coordination costs for the client. The relationship was becoming strained. So the law firm moved quickly to structure the formal processes for the client by utilizing a shared online wiki workspace. After its implementation, not only did the lawyers know what each other was working on for the client, but more importantly, the client did too. Since then, the law firm has seen client satisfaction and loyalty improve substantially.”

Establishing collaborative environment for partners or clients, can strengthen relationships and improve the performance of formal processes it also help vendors minimize their cost of goods and ensure clients that they are getting the best value purchase. Every step of a project can be followed by a client and/or partners via the enterprise community were, if needed, they can join in and collaborate.

Productivity & Cost efficient.

Let’s imagine that you’re a post-production company from Montreal who work with an Advertisement agency from New York who work for a Company based in London, lot of different time zone, difficult communication.
A Social software would facilitate all communication and feedback from the client which would accelerate the work flow.

One of your employee is struggling with an issue that he can’t solve; the only employee that can help him solve the issue is at 3 000 km, working in an other branch of your company, again social software would ease collaboration to resolve the issue more quickly.

Result from an effective Collaboration and communication in a enterprise are the increase of productivity, reinforce project management, keep easily project schedule on the track which and in the end gives a better value, cost efficiency and allow you to stay Competitive.

Pick the right Social Software.

As for the Social Software, you need to evaluate your business needs to establish which one is more suitable for you. There was an article this week asking; Should Enterprise Software Be Just Like Facebook? and my answer would be yes, the Facebook’s platform aspect of feeds, profiles, and groups, boost the service’s stickiness, other tools needs to be implement in relation with your business needs. Example of Collaborative Platform; Salesforce Chatter takes the best of Facebook, Twitter, and other social leaders, for instance, and applies it to enterprise collaboration or you can lease a more specialized social project management software in the like of Talk Management System.

Every company should and will have to jump into Enterprise 2.0 and lot of them will be using social software, competitive company are now turning toward a collaborative approach.


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