The intranet – a single portal

The intranet – a single portal

It is widely known that an intranet service can be used to store documents and communicate. However, in recent years, the intranet has evolved to include many more features and benefits. With the evolution of technology, intranet software can now provide an organization with an array of management tools and process-specific applications.

When planning for a new intranet service, it is important to view the product as an all round solution for the storage, processing and communication of information, but also as an essential every-day management resource. A wide range of business tools can be incorporated into intranet software, providing a central portal for all operations within an organization. This centralization will ensure optimal levels of processing and work output from all staff members.

Make your intranet service the ‘first point of call’ for all staff, a comprehensive database of information and functions. For example, users can share information on company policies and procedures via a centralized storage point, increasing communication and interaction between departments. Make it a priority to train all existing and new members of staff on intranet software procedures. Ensure that regular updates are made to the training documentation, to include new applications, updates and security releases.

Utilize the security features available with intranet software by setting up ‘user groups’. Use these controls to specify who can access and process certain areas of information. With a wide range of security options available, you can store virtually any type of data on an intranet service, from sensitive company information, through to simple training guides and HR holiday information. Banish out-of-date paper-based filing systems, and index cards.

Another major advantage of using intranet software is the ability for the software to evolve over time. New applications and business tools can be added to reflect the current climate and requirements of the business. Regular security updates can also be installed to ensure ongoing effectiveness and privacy of an intranet platform.

In summary, you can:

• Store documents

• Communicate

• Manage data

• Collaborate

• Use applications

• Run business tools

• Streamline operations

With the wide range of options now available with intranet software, it could offer a ‘one stop shop’ for the storage and processing of information throughout organizations, dramatically improving operations and communication across every department. Over time, the intranet system should become an integral part of the organization, engaging staff on all levels.


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