IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced a new social software platform today they are calling IBM Connections, designed to bring social networking to the enterprise with a compliance underpinning. IBM, which turned 100 last week, hopes to make enterprise social software more appealing to regulated industries like financial services.

In a statement, IBM described the problem regulated industries face when it comes to adopting Enterprise 2.0 internal social networking. “Organizations, both in regulated industries and those beginning to experiment with social technology, inevitably have questions about security and compliance. A growing challenge for global organizations is the ability to manage risk and harness insights from a wide variety of social communities that are in compliance with industry regulations such as SOX and HIPAA.”

The compliance piece comes from a partnership with Actiance, a compliance software company. Along with standard kinds of enterprise social software like blogs, wikis, micro-blogs and activity streams, the IBM Connections package includes Actiance Advantage, which maintains logs and archives of social stream activity to help companies stay in compliance with various industry regulatory requirements.

As Alistair Rennie, general manager of collaboration solutions at IBM said, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of social software in the enterprise, and this provides a way for industries to answer their regulatory questions.

“With these new advancements around compliance, a social business can safely activate networks of people to use a variety of collaborative tools, to improve and accelerate how things get done,” Rennie said.

For more information:
- see the IBM press release

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