The internet has become an essential part in every individual\’s life. Internet technologies have developed immensely in this past couple of years providing various opportunities to people regarding their field. As internet technologies are going leaps and bounds ahead of other fields, there is plenty of development done in Web 2.0 compared to the previous version. More marketing strategies, business models and robust are available in Web 2.0 compared to the previous one. Web user base has increased at higher level and people are getting interested in doing business online around the globe. Web 2.0 has provided an opportunity to these individual to enhance in online business.

The most vital thing which has triggered web 2.0 is the technology. A web programmer\’s life has become much easier as enhancements in technologies are making their cause much easier. Web 2.0 has come a long way to grow and capture the market by storm. The main criteria on which users were concerned are the security of the online transaction they generate. Security Socket Layer, most commonly known as SSL, is designed by Netscape to make online transaction robust and secure. In same way, the internet security has vitally enhanced in Web 2.0 which has built confidence in people to work online even if it involves big amount of money.

The major advantage Web 2.0 provides is the swift increase in penetration of internet all around the world. The ratio in Web 1.0 of internet users was 90% from United States of America and the remaining from some developed countries. This trend has changed now due to introduction of Web 2.0 which is fast and effective. Nowadays, internet is penetrating in even those countries which are under-developed. A huge part of Web 2.0 outburst could be explained as the most functional technologies behind Web 2.0 are those who impose least structure.

The Web 2.0 application assists in managing projects which will help you in keeping your clients up to date with information regarding Process enduring today. With employing this application, you would be able to track billing hours regardless of where operation has functioned. By effective process of billing, it would be easy for you to send invoices to customers through Fresh Books.

With supreme assistance of the Web 2.0 applications, promoting business network as well as hunting raw brains containing good stuff and intelligence is a lot easier. On other hand, you would get better exposure to those individuals having thirst of becoming familiar with your offers, services and products.

Web 2.0 provides you a different platform of communicating with the customer which is extremely beneficial. All necessary information regarding your business would be effortlessly integrated for access by clicking correct company\’s blog or social networking page. You can build curiosity and interest amongst your prospective customers by writing interesting, up to date and reliable information. You can also utilize internet communicators for providing information or chatting with your clients. This technique is extremely efficient and cheap to use. Web 2.0 has raised the level of online marketing to a greater level which had taken a lot of dedication to the work to reach at the pinnacle.


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