Your company’s owner is either a little too old school, out of touch with today’s modern world or both.

If those descriptions sound familiar, then roll up your sleeves because you have some work on your hands, convincing him or her that social media is here to stay and will only grow.

While social media will not allow your business to sink or swim, it can clearly produce good results when properly implemented. Improperly using it or not having a program at all can be huge mistakes.

In the event the head of your company is reluctant to say the least about having a solid social media plan in place or has started one but is making mistakes, give them some reasons to rethink their decisions.

Avoid these mistakes:

  • Lack of dedication to social media – Your interest level in social media and actually following through on it is like wanting to exercise, however you don’t bring yourself off the couch.
  • Lack of fresh content – You are making the effort to have shares, tweets, blogs but the content is like the newspaper in the cat’s litter box – old! Nothing pushes away visitors like stale content. Not only are your company’s search engine rankings impacted, but you’ve potentially led consumers to the competition. By all means necessary, keep the content fresh so that you have a constant flow of traffic stopping by your site.
  • Lack of will to respond to negative comments – You’re getting feedback via your Facebook, Twitter pages or blog, yet it is not always positive. If that’s the case, welcome to the real world. Not all the feedback is always going to be positive, so you’re living in an unrealistic world if you think it will. Actually, getting some unflattering comments from readers can open the door to possibilities. Now just imagine if you took a negative situation and were able to turn it into a positive? You could convert someone who was an unhappy customer or on the fence with you into someone who is now more positive about their experience with your company.

Why a Social Media Plan is Smart Thinking:

  • Talk, talk, talk – Nothing makes an owner happier, well, except of course than seeing profits rolling in, than people talking about the company brand. Utilizing social media is a great way to go about creating a buzz on what the company offers and why they need to be a customer. Sharing, tweeting, blogging etc. will not cost you a penny if you keep it in-house with a qualified employee. In turn, the rewards can be several.
  • The competition is doing it – While your company’s mission should certainly not be following what the competition is doing, it should pretty much come as a no-brainer that a handful or most of your competitors are using social media to a degree. With that being the case, your stand on the sidelines attitude could very well leave you trailing, possibly a situation where you cannot catch up.
  • Social media is not going anywhere – Although some business owners may think that social media is a flash in the pan, think again. By most indications, social media is only going to grow in popularity and importance for years and years to come. If one has been a smoker for a number of years but quits at a relatively early age, they improve their chances of living longer. The same analogy can be given to companies using social media. While you likely set yourself back a few years by not having had a social media plan, there is still time to better and compile many healthy years for your company.

While some business owners have seen how social media can assist and improve their company’s brands and services, others are still in a state of confusion or denial.

Having a solid social media program in place at your business can do nothing but better your chances for long-term success.

Heck, isn’t it all about being social when you cut to the chase?


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