Women Rule Social Networks

Women Rule Social Networks

Women are valuable stakeholder to nonprofits. They make contributions to twice as many charitable organizations as men do, and they are more likely to take greater risks in organizations with a strong vision for change, according to Lisa Witter and Lisa Chen, co-authors of The She Spot: Why Women are the Market for Changing the World and How to Reach Them. “Women also volunteer much more than men do. Thirty-two percent of women, compared to just 25 percent of men, volunteer across every state, age group and education level,” said Jocelyn Harmon.

Did you know that women also dominate social networks? According to a Pew study, in 2008 women comprised 53% of social networking site users. Over the past two years, women have increased their social networking usage and now comprise 56% of the social networking consumer base.  Men’s social networking user base has dropped to 47%. The study said that Linkedin is the only social networking site where men dominate.

Women don’t just rule social networks. Women are also extremely active in online activities like emailing, instant messaging, blogging and photo sharing.

Check out these social networking usage stats.

  • Women comprise 58% of all of all Facebook users.
  • Women post status updates on Facebook more than men. Interestingly the study noted that both women and men are posting status and profile updates much less often these days.
  • 16% percent of women on Facebook comment on posts several times a day but only 8% of men do.
  • 28% of women on Facebook “Like” something during the day as opposed to 9% of men.
  • 64% Twitter users are comprised of women compared. 36% are men.
  • What’s your nonprofit doing to engage your base of women supporters and potential supporters on social networks?.


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