Starting you own business … correction … running a successful business is hard enough in this economy without adding a new stratagem to your list of already necessary front of the house and back of the house responsibilities. But let’s face it, to run a successful business, especially with the Internet and technology dominating the consumer industry, benefiting from social media in marketing is crucial.

It was only several years ago that social media started developing into a marketing tool for businesses. Firms, agencies and consultants were just beginning to experiment on how to utilize it. Today, although professionals are constantly adapting and learning about new technologies – best practice methods have been identified and are regularly employed.

Professionals: that is the magic word. Here are 5 reasons why it is imperative for you to invest in social media management for your business to be a success.

1. Just admit it, you have no clue what the heck is going on in the social media world.

Don’t be embarrassed. There is a large majority of people out there, young and old, who still don’t understand how Twitter works. At this point most people know what it is or have heard of it. But how does it work? And more importantly, how can it be leveraged to benefit your business goals? This same question arises with any social networking platform.

This is where your social media manager comes to the rescue. Not only do social media specialists learn what you need to know, they are here to explain it to you.

2. There is a STRATEGY to social media

These projects are known as campaigns for a reason. Every step of a social media campaign is planned to cater to your specific goals. There is no cookie cutter strategy, every business is different. Social media specialists guide your business through what platforms will provide the highest return on your investment.

Because you see your 13-yr old niece on these sites every day, does not mean that just anyone can do this. There is a big difference between being on social media and ENGAGING on social media.

The new communication model is dialogue; will your business be striking the right conversations?

3. If you have current social media pages in place….

But you aren’t using them properly. It is almost better to use your marketing efforts outside of the social media realm until you decide to take it seriously. An inactive or poorly run social media page will do more harm than no page at all.

4. One word, Optimization.

Good social media practice will only improve your Internet presence and essentially optimize your sites. Link building between your pages improves how search engines rank your brand.

5. Expand your Online Realty

Make your impressions on the world through social media. Expanding your business often means high costs. The majority of these social networks are free. Social media managers will save you the time of building these sites.


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