How To Make Web 2.0 Link Wheels

How To Make Web 2.0 Link Wheels

Linking up your Web 2.0 profiles is an essential social media marketing strategy if you want to dominate the top rankings for certain keywords. If you’re not familiar with them, you should know that it’s an established strategy and it works. If you use the right keywords it will work every time for you!

Making tier one of your link wheel

A link wheel is any number of web 2.0 profiles (usually 5-7) that each link to the next to create a wheel shape as shown below.
All of these properties also link your money site, which gets more ‘link juice’ because they are all joined together and supporting each other. One point, don’t complete the wheelink to your money site by joining up the final web 2.0 properties with the first one. This is often shown in the link wheel diagrams, but Google are aware of this strategy, and it’s best to keep your linking appearing messy and seemingly random, and a complete wheel ain’t that!
You might also want to consider little changes to your linking such as having two sites linking to one to further mess up the appearance of the wheel. Don’t worry too much about the footprint though, very few people have reported being punished for this.

Linking to tier one

With tier one of your link wheel complete, the next step is to link to all those properties, as the ‘link juice’ gets passed up through the sites, strengthening all their rankings and passing all of it on through to your money site.
This is where you can throw everything and the kitchen sink at the project. I strongly recommend you combine automated article marketing, blog comment links, social bookmarking, and RSS links. The greater the variety of the links, the better.

Avoiding the Google sandbox

A massive benefit of this is that you can link really quickly to your tier one and benefit your money site, whereas if you tried to link that quickly to just your money site, it might get sandboxed, Google’s timeout corner for sites that are getting spammed with links, where you fall out of all or most of your main keyword rankings.
All these links that you send can be divided among all your tier one properties, so you’re increasing the chances of at least one of them ranking well for your keyword terms. Remember to be consistent about your keywords, and use your main ones in all the anchor text everywhere in the link wheel and all the links coming into it.

Automating the process

If you use automated Internet Marketing programs like me to save a lot of time, many of them will allow the use of spin syntax anchor text or spun resource boxes which look like this {<a href =””>your anchor text</a>|<a href =””>your anchor text</a>|<a href =””>your anchor text</a>}
If you’re not familiar with this, it just means that one of the options within the bracket will be selected at random, so if you put three URLs in as I have done above, one of the three will be selected each time it’s used.

In this way, you can add all your links to each of your tier 1 Web 2.0 sites in your link wheel at once. I use spin syntax with my article marketing software. Personally I recommend Article Marketing Robot and Automatic Backlink Creator for this, Article Marketing Robot is much better than some of the more established ones like Unique Article Wizard, allowing you to add your own sites to link to, and Automatic Backlink Creator is much cheaper at only $15 a month on Warrior Special Offer! Combining the two handles the majority of my linking to the link wheel.

Some people create a lot of link wheels, others prefer to create only one or two per money site and keep working on them. I recommend the later. If you keep working on these sites with more links, they’ll start to dominate the Google rankings, and if you choose your keywords well, this can happen within a month!

Here’s another little tip to improve this strategy. Once your Web 2.0 sites have been around a few weeks you can be pretty sure that the sites owners aren’t planning to take them down for any reason. At least point, you can safely come back in and add another link to each of these sites. Why not choose another site along with your money page to get linked to from all these properties? I recommend a Squidoo lens, as they are known to rank really quickly and really well!

Finally, building the link wheels can be handled automatically with various pieces of software. The type that do it are usually all-in-one marketing apps that also offer social bookmarking, RSS submission, video links, forum links, and pinging (updating the search engines that you have created or made a change to a site).

These will save you hours of time, and all the alternative features can be used to further link to your tier 1 properties and combine really well with an article marketing tool. The best on the market at the moment is <a href=”″>SEnuke</a>. Bear in mind that SEnuke is, as of early February 2011, about to release a completely new software called SEnuke X (and price rises will surely follow), which is a complete overhaul of how it works, and is planning to take the best Internet Marketing app on the market even further. That’s not just hyperbole, Senuke is generally considered the very best marketing app of all on the main forums such as Warrior Forum and Black Hat World.

If you’re serious about ranking your sites, I’d give link wheeling a try, and save yourself hours and stress and strain by automating the process. I’d say good luck, but with the right keywords, you won’t need it, it works 100% of the time.


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